1048 FAQs
Welcome to 1048's Frequently Asked Questions Page

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Why is the name of this nightclub 1048?

Simple. Our address used to be 1048 East Fairview. That's  3 doors down the street.

Why did you move?

Again, Simple. Our landlord didn't want us there any more.


Good Question. I'm not really sure. He's of quite advanced years, and has always held
some strange ideas. (He once sent me a letter, which I still have, whereby he suggested,
after my being in business for 10 years, that I should stop selling liquor and beer and be a
coffee shop that closed at Midnight!) I'm not sure what is the proper response to a letter
like that. But if anyone would like to suggest some,
EMAIL me here. I'll post the best ones,
and we can all have a laugh!

I think he got the impression we were a den of iniquity in some fashion. We had been
good tenants for 13 years, always paying rent on time, and we received very few
complaints from anyone, at least to my knowledge. But the nightclub world is a strange
one. There are always petty, venal, jealous small people who have nothing better to do
than complain about others being successful or having a good time. New tenants move
into a neighborhood and decide that they have the right to decide who should be their
neighbors. ( My current neighbor is a Doctor's office with completely different hours from
us. I am also his landlord, so there's no problem there).

The johnny-come-lately jewelry store next to him has mentioned to the newspaper they
wish we weren't  here. I assume he doesn't realise that the alleyway he uses to park
behind his store is owned by 1048 100%, and he only uses it through the good graces and
generosity of 1048. Or maybe he'll  
find it out here! What a great thing the net is!

I'm sure you've seen that happen elsewhere. In fact, the people who moved into our old
space were spouting crap to the newspaper about what hours we should be open, how
"the children" should be protected from seeing people enjoying themselves in a
responsible manner. I'm happy to say that their business failed rather quickly, and the
erstwhile owners can now devote full time to fulfilling their  children's social needs.
Everybody Wins!

When did you close?

Our last night in the old location was April 12, 2002

When did you re-open?

November 14, 2002

Why did it take so long to build out the new location?

There are some good stories I'll tell about this project in the future. I'll be updating this
page from time to time, and if there's anything you want to know about,
EMAIL me. Thanks
for reading this!